Top 50 Feature: Provision Cares Foundation

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Provision CARES Foundation realizes that “support” can come in a multitude of ways for individuals threatened with their health.  Individual patient needs can sometimes extend to the entire family, where additional support is needed.  Giving careful consideration to these needs allows Provision CARES Foundation to focus on financial support and innovative programs that provide emotional and physical support, while also partnering with other organizations who serve patient needs.

Provision CARES Foundation supports innovative educational forums and wellness programs promoting disease prevention, cancer awareness, healthy lifestyles, nutrition and healing.  Initiatives include wellness programs for cancer patients, both during and post treatment, as well as programs for the Mind, Body and Spirit that include cancer therapeutic massage, rekki, acupuncture, art therapy and music therapy.  Cancer Survivorship programs empower the cancer patient to life after treatment, with a continued focus on survivorship and celebration of life.

For more information about this organization, please visit their website here.


MoonShare is a nationwide giveback component of Sugarlands Distilling Co. that helps nonprofit organizations positively influence their communities through MoonShare grants, fundraisers, and donations.


In 2015, Sugarlands Distilling Co. donated $60,000 to nonprofit organizations across the country. Each month one organization was selected by the public to receive a $5,000 MoonShare Grant to put toward a charitable cause.


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